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Early Childhood Links is a directory of web sites for educating, entertaining, furnishing, outfitting, and parenting children. Enjoy viewing our pages, which are uniquely decorated with hand-drawn graphics obtained from many different talented artists.
The parents section includes shopping directories for babies/toddlers, children, men, women, and the home.
The parenting section includes resource directories for adoption, automobiles, childcare, finances, life issues, medical care, real estate, sports, travel, and work at home.
The teachers section includes free art recipes, coloring pages, crafts, lesson plans, resources, songs, theme units, worksheets, and more. There is also an entire directory of teacher stores.
The childcare providers, homeschoolers, and Montessorians sections are directories of resources and stores only of interest to those professions. You can also check out Boutell Payday Loans if you're interested in finding short term finance.
 The Child ID card pictured above is available from My Precious Kid. Visit them for complete child safety ID kits and more. 
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Early Childhood Links is a portal to web sites for clothing, educating, entertaining, furnishing, outfitting, and parenting children. It includes shopping directories for babies, toddlers, children, men, women, the home, and teachers. It also includes resource directories for child care providers, homeschoolers, homeschooling parents, infant toddler teachers, early childhood teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary teachers, Montessorians, and Montessori teachers.