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Bob the Child Care
Center Manager

Childcare Sage - the complete, affordable, and professional Childcare and Preschool Management Software that includes record keeping with photos, immunizations, accounting, payroll, center expenses, USDA/CACFP Meals program, Timeclock, and much more - all from $145, with no modules and nothing else to purchase. Order your copy today.

Childcare Wizard

ChildWatch Web

DataCare Software

Daycare 2005

Daycare Information System Plus
Daycare Manager Pro
Daycare Software
Daycare Works

EZ-CARE2 Childcare Management Software - center management software that manages child and staff attendance and scheduling, simple and complex childcare billing, accounting, and more. Advanced options include time clock with added security security features, accounts payable and receivable and electronic childcare fee collection. We simplify childcare management so you can simply care for children.
iCare Childcare Management Software
Jackrabbit Care
KASK Software

PROMIS Head Start Case
Management Software

SDS Software Solutions

The Pre-School Partner

Tyke Tyme Daycare Management Software

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